Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wireless AV Sender

The 2.4 Ghz wireless AV set includes a transmitter and receiver. You can connect any Yellow RCA (Composite video) and Red/White RCA (Stereo Audio) source / player / gaming console to the sender and it will transmit it via wireless 2.4 Ghz to the receiver connected to any display with a Yellow RCA / Composite input. It also functions as a IR Remote Extender to transmit a IR signal from one room to another room when using any type of IR remote e.g for changing DSTV channels, controlling DVD Player etc. from another room.
  Transmittiong All Kind Of Video As long Suits the Red+Yellow+While AV, ANY!
Now You Can Watch Your Astro Upstair, Master BedRoom, Even Can Transmitt From Your Neighbour!
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