Step by step to

Step by step to crack WiFi password using Beini Minidwep-gtk

After boot successful, you will see below screen, either you are using Beini/CDlinux. Click Minidwep-gtk to start.
 Start collecting data & IVS us running.
**Note: check on the IVS value, if IVS per seconds is above 50, you can wait for the password. If lower than that, please crack at other time or choose other WiFi to crack. 
 Password successful cracked. Copy the password and close the software. Use it to connect with laptop WiFi or USB WiFi Adapter.
 *** This Beini/CDLinux Software is for your own education purpose only.
       Cracking other people WiFi is illegal and against law.
       We advice you do not attempt to attack other person wireless other than your own.


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