Sunday, October 7, 2012

Android Tv

1. Android 2.2
2. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
3. On-line Shopping

Share With The Family
Relax together as a family in the comfort of your living room,enjoy a movie,or browse the internet for shopping,school projects or plan your next vacation.Chat with friends,update the family Face Book,the ANDROID TV SET-TOP BOX does it all,and its easy to use,now the Internet can become a family activity.

Bring Your TV Alive With Android!Transform any HDMI TV”,and experience a new level of Home Enertainment and Communications.
 1 Android 2.2 operating system
2. Wi-Fi, Ethernet
3. Full HD 1080P hardware video decoder
4. HDMI interface
5. Support wireless Bluetooth keyboard
6. Bluetooht File Transfer
7. Wireless motion sensor remote control
8.SD card slot,up to 32 GB
9.USB interface,support high capacity mobile hard disk
10.Built-in Adobe flash player 10.1
11.Full inrerner browser
12.Emali,Instant messenger
13.Weather ,calendar and clock widget on desktop
14.Online video,music and games
15.product weight: 300g
16.unit packing :800g

*Free 3D Speck (2 set)
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